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Essence Cabinets is state of the art cabinet manufacturing facility located in Edmontion, Alberta. Essence Cabinets factory utilizes top of the line machinery paired with a lean manufacturing process to produce quality product, on time, at competitive price points. These manufacturing capabilities allow for Essence Cabinets to offer a sustainable product line that features infinite style options. Essence Cabinets team has 27 years of combined experience in the cabinet industry and plans to use this experience for continuous success. 


Essence Cabinets has invested in modern innovation to provide a cost competitive product in the market place. It allows us flexibility in design, pricing models and ultimately allows for an increased output. For Essence Cabinets, the investment in these innovative initiatives is what will create a footprint today and in the future.


In line industry trends, Essence Cabinets allows you to combine styles, finishes and accessories to make your dream vision a reality. While you choose design & style for your unique project, Essence Cabinets maintains quality & functionality. This Ensures the best possible cabinetry for years to come.