What’s the difference between Melamine and Thermofoil Cabinetry?

What’s the difference between Melamine and Thermofoil Cabinetry?

Posted: April 28 2021

When you’re renovating or building a new home, you have many major decisions–including cabinet material, colour, finish, and style! We’re here to ease that decision making process for you! When the time comes, and budgeting for your dream kitchen becomes a reality, thermofoil and melamine cabinetry are our designers’ go-to, to meet your aesthetic vision and to stay within your budget. Let’s talk different cabinet materials and what’s best for you. So, what is the difference between melamine and thermofoil cabinetry? And, why is it more popular than real wood cabinets today?

Thermofoil Cabinets 

Thermofoil is a cost-effective material used in cabinetry making. The core of thermofoil cabinets is an MDF (medium density fibre) board. The finish is a thin layer of vinyl that’s vacuum wrapped to the MDF. This vinyl finish comes in a wide range of colours, patterns–allowing you to achieve that real wood look without the cost and maintenance of real wood. The vacuum wrapped vinyl can be applied to several different door styles, such as a shaker, raised panel or flat styled cabinet door faces. When we’re talking function and maintenance, thermofoil cabinets are extremely durable, and water friendly. Making it an ideal option for bathrooms, in addition to kitchen cabinetry. 

Melamine Cabinets 

Melamine cabinets are another great alternative material for cabinetry. It’s a thermally fused laminated material. The core is the similar to the thermofoil product but instead of a vinyl being wrapped this is a sheet of laminate being fused to the core. This allows for more flexibility in finish and texture. There are many options for wood look and texture in melamine with higher durability then standard wood cabinets.  Additional to imitating natural wood species, melamine cabinetry offers a vast range of colours and patterns including acrylic matte and high gloss finishes. Melamine is super durable, wipeable and low maintenance! 

These innovative alternative wood cabinetry options are ideal for busy on the go families (especially with little ones). They’re ultra-durable, customizable, and cost effective without compromising beauty.

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