Healthier, Sustainable Millwork.

Healthier, Sustainable Millwork.

Posted: June 02 2021

Did you know we have California Certification? 

Our millwork is made with certified non-toxic finishes that contribute to a healthier living environment for you and your family. 

If you don’t know about the California building code, they have the most stringent indoor air quality policies worldwide. All our wood products, such as the boxes, panels and doors are CARB 2 certified! This certification means the materials we install does not harm your family. Most MDF, plywood and particleboard like melamine are adhered together with strong chemical adhesives, ours are not!  

We meet the highest standards in indoor air quality.  

Not only is all our wood material certified CARB 2–our paints, stains and lacquers also contribute to a healthier indoor air environment! Water based paints and stains are healthier to touch, and don’t produce VOCs into the air the same way acrylic based paints do. Plus, when the finishes are cured under UV light, the off gassing is reduced further delivering you and your family cleaner indoor air free from harmful chemicals! 

Sustainably Manufactured 

Our cabinets don’t impact the environment near the same way traditional cabinets are manufactured and sourced! All the millwork and cabinetry we build is manufactured in-house!  

This process ensures our carbon footprint is significantly reduced and quality is unsurpassed. In addition to the eco-friendly manufacturing process, all our raw materials and hardware is Canadian sourced! The wood used for our cabinetry is sourced from Alberta to ensure the materials are acclimatized to our extreme weather conditions! 

Extra Durable 

Our standard cabinet material is 5/8" melamine with wooden dowel joinery. Our wood doors are strong and made in Alberta. Additionally, the backs of our cabinets are solid 5/8” melamine unlike typical cabinets in the industry with thin wallboard backs. All our cabinets are clamped in an automated laser press which provides a strong and true cabinet every time. All these elements contribute to the longevity and durability of your cabinetry and millwork. 

Totally Customizable 

You can choose any colour and design! If you want your cabinets customized for extra personality, no problem! Choose any paint swatch and customize your kitchen or bathroom cabinetry to make them uniquely you. Your options are endless, floating shelves or built-in bookshelves–you name it! Our designers will help you design your perfect, healthy interior every step of the way.