The Essence Difference

Our difference is top quality at a cost-effective price
Our difference is being local and offer Canadian made product
Our difference is performance, caring, and exceptional customer experience
Our difference is exceptional quality cabinetry as for all situations and for all customers What does make our cabinet’s quality a top notch work?
Essence CabinatesEssence Cabinates

Our Casework is No Slouch

  • Our standard cabinet material is 5/8" melamine with wooden dowel joinery.
  • Our standard cabinet interior selections are white melamine, maple melamine, or natural birch interiors.
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Supporting Your Needs

You dish it out; our cabinets can take it.

  • For our base, wall, and vanity units, if the shelving unit exceeds 30” in width, a center mullion is added to the face of the cabinet case. This will provide additional support to the center of the shelf to prevent unacceptable sagging.
  • For pantry and wardrobe cabinets, we substitute a stronger ¾” light-weight and stronger plywood material in for any wide shelves that exceed 30”.
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The Backbone of Our Cabinets - Thick & Encapsulated

  • We don’t use thin material for the cabinet back. Our cabinets all use a material that matches the other interior components, which is 5/8" thick or thicker.
  • Backs are fully encapsulated (dadoed in on all sides) providing a strong and true cabinet construction.
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Putting Our Best Face Forward

For drawer and door fronts, we only use the highest quality products available.

  • Our wood doors are strong and made in Alberta, so the seasoning of the material matches our unique Albertan climate.
  • Our thermofoil or vinyl wrapped doors come from the quality suppliers and match perfectly to the melamine materials that complete the cabinetry.
  • We also have an extensive line of 5-piece melamine doors providing a stylish and beautiful yet durable solution.
  • And for a sleek contemporary style, consider our simple, uncomplicated slab melamine doors as an option.
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Top Quality Hardware – Our Reputation Hinges On It

For drawer and door fronts, we only use the highest quality products available.

  • Our standard hinge is a concealed 105º, 6-way adjustable clip-on steel hinge and comes with an integrated soft-close standard option.
  • For large doors, we increase the number of hinges to provide the support they need.
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Drawer Options - Let Us Guide You

For drawer and door fronts, we only use the highest quality products available.

  • Our standard drawer slide is a concealed steel-bearing slide with soft-close components.
  • We can use the same slide no matter what type of box you desire.
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Our drawers are available in 3 styles

  • Metal sided with matching melamine bottom and back.
  • 5-pc melamine or plywood to take advantage of having increased options for sizing.
  • Clear finished dovetail drawer box.
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All our accessories or custom hardware comes from reputable Canadian suppliers and distributors.

And Now, the Big Finish

  • Essence is very proud of the fact that we use a water-based finish which is safer for our employees and end users, and better for our environment. The finish is strong, durable, and consistent, and makes our painted or stained product look amazing.
  • All our sheet boards are made with low-VOC, California Air Resources Board (CARB) Phase 2 standards compliant materials.
  • Our corporate environmental policy drives additional eco-friendly procedures which exceeds industry standards.

We are pleased and excited to give you easy tools and new products that make design and selling, with Essence Cabinets, your go-to brand every time.